What happens in a cave, stays in a cave… I honestly couldn’t tell what was more filthy, the mud or the jokes these cavers were telling.

2 years ago, Marisa taught me how to surf. Before that, I’d never been on a surf board. Thanks to her amazing instruction, her inspiration, and above all, her patience-with-smile, I rode my first wave today! To say that made me happy would be an understatement. Thank you Marisa for showing me how to appreciate surfing and agreeing to do a surf school for Outerthere fam. Rockaway Beach was ridiculous today.

That morning at 7am, I ran into an old friend, Max, who had been waiting on line all night to audition for an NBC comedy show. He tried some new material on me that had me cracking up - all before my first cup of coffee. Yeah, that’s how awesome this day was turning out and the rest didn’t disappoint. Originally billed as a Hudson River kayaking trip to a waterfall at Cold Spring, NY it didn’t officially start until 3p. So, I decided to toss in a bonus hike at Breakneck Ridge, just a few miles from where we would be launching. That morning, we hiked up the climbiest, scrambliest route we could find of this notorious hike - Ike learned why it was called “breakneck” - which left everyone feeling wiped by the time we hiked to Cold Spring, where our guides, Hudson River Expeditions, would get us to paddle to a protected wildlife area, Constitution Marsh, and into some waterfall goodness. By the time we made it to the waterfall, Ike’s arms were completely useless and Maylis had blisters.  We dipped our cold, wet feet into the water, and it was too cold to go all the way in.  We tried swinging on the tree swing, but it didn’t go high enough. And we scaled another hill so steep, there was a support line there, and learned that this was probably a great cliff diving area that was so dangerous, ordinary humans shouldn’t attempt.  Suffice it to say, it was amazing and we’re going back! Huge thanks to Brian, Maki, Mike, and Tom for providing Outerthere fam with an awesome experience!

Want to thank you guys for making this trip a real adventure! Huge thanks to Loui the Greek tractor guy, Tom the tow truck guy, John the mechanic, Rich and Laura for taking a chance on a pair of hitchhikers, Maylis’s friends who she hadn’t spoken to in years but called us back, and Dan and his awesome waitstaff at Jake Moon, who, without a doubt, saved our lives! Extra love and gratitude to Harn for making sh*t happen like Harn do and keeping me from passing out. Next caving trip Sept. Better ask somebody!

Chest deep in ice cold, muddy water. Albino mosquitos and spiders. And a kind of permanent mud that just gets everywhere. It’s not for everyone, but few adventures get you to focus up and reprioritize all your life’s problems faster than caving.