7 pitches. 4 routes. Lots of Bobs. Just another day at the Gunks with this awesome guide, Sue Kligerman.

For our first-ever Sunday hike, sun was on full blast, bugs were on full blast, and breezes were being stingy. So, although it was a beginner trip, we were all exhausted, sweaty, and pushed to the limit. But that didn’t stop us from experiencing everything this hike had to offer! After, well-deserved beers, burgers, and smiles for an epic hike!

Big shout out to Yvonne’s mom, who at 65 crushed 1,200 feet of elevation like it was a piece of cake. Word! Her smiles and laugh kept us all jolly and motivated, if not a little embarrassed #indestructablemom

These two warriors totally crushed this advanced hike in just under 6 hours for a new outerthere record. Yeah! Normally takes 8 or even 10. And then, Poppy’s burgers as our reward. And did we earn it! According to Steve’s Fitbit: 220 flights of stairs (that’s two Empire State Buildings), 10 miles, and twenty two thousand steps. Yes, 22,000. In a single, record busting day.

Torrential rains, muddy trails, biblical bug infestation… just another day in the life of Outerthere campers!

Mud, rain, kamikaze gnats, crazy humidity, freezing pools, 1,000’ of elevation in an hour… nothing seamed to slow these chicks down on this weekend’s hike! And they kept it classy the whole time. Word.